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lugna [lu-na]

hem [home] original candle

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inviting + comforting, just like home.

The hem [home] candle features rose, orange, oudh, clove + musk.

The hem [home] candle smell warming + inviting with top notes of subtle zesty orange, with fresh floral scents of rose + geranium with a hint of clove spice. The base notes bring the hem [home] candle all together with one of our favourite scents of oudh + musk. A woody, floral scent perfect for any time spent at home.

  • Burn time approx 48 hours. 215g
  • Natural + earth friendly soy wax
  • Carefully selected scents using fragrance oils
  • Each candle is hand poured in small batches to ensure quality
  • Wildflower dust cover with every candle, simply remove and plant
  • Complimentary reusable cotton hand stamped bag with every order

See our candle care guide by clicking here, to make the most out of your lugna home fragrance candle.

lugna home fragrance follows uk laws + regulations for optimum candle safety. please read safety warnings before purchasing. we use fragrance oils within our candles rather than pure essential oils, due to being safer for our pets.

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