why shop at lugna

lugna [lu-na] home fragrance was created by Brogan, with the goal to bring beautifully scented, earth friendly products into your home which bring calm + mindful moments.

what is lugna [lu-na] home fragrance all about

lugna [lu-na] is swedish for, 'to make someone calm'

natural + mindfully created soy wax candles + melts, designed to soothe the mind + create calm. our candles are eco conscious + scandi inspired. 

lugna home fragrance was designed to create calm in our busy lives using scandi mindful traditions + their thoughtful ways of life. bringing calming moments into your homes + to gift to your loved ones. 

our fragrances have been chosen with calmness in mind. our design + packaging have been carefully chosen to be friendly on the earth with our reusable cotton bags + our wildflower seed paper for labels + dust covers.

by introducing new earth friendly ways into our day to day products we are collectively helping to create a better earth for future generations. 

the face behind the candles

lugna [lu-na] home fragrance runs as a 'one women does all small business'.

from the pouring of the candles, to the designing + producing of the website to the packing + posting of your products, it is all done single-handedly. Every order brings a little joy + I thank you for the support to my small business + allowing me to do what I enjoy.

its a passion of mine to try + be as friendly to the earth as I can + my love for candles had to follow suit. introducing products which are friendly on our earth + keep our minds calm was the priority with lugna home fragrance. 

I hope you can use lugna home fragrance as a chance to take time out for yourself + be calm, whilst knowing you are helping our wonderful earth. 

love, B - founder of lugna [lu-na] home fragrance