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lugna [lu-na]

mistel [mistletoe] original candle

mistel [mistletoe] original candle

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mistel - mistletoe

introducing mistel, a candle inspired by the enchanting tradition of mistletoe during the festive season. this captivating blend features the delightful fresh scents of pine needles, green apples, cinnamon, clove, amber, + cedarwood.

ignite mistel to infuse your space with the cozy, inviting fragrances of the holidays.

whether you're sharing a special moment under the mistletoe or simply enjoying the spirit of the season, mistel sets the perfect ambiance, making your celebrations even more memorable.

each candle is hand-poured with soy wax, burning for up to 48 hours + the wooden crackling wick adds to the cozy atmosphere.

each candle comes with a reusable cotton gift bag + a wildflower embedded dust cover, allowing you to plant wildflowers after use. (simply through in the garden, window box or fill your empty candle jar with soil).

mistel creates the perfect ambiance for treasured moments + festive celebrations.

  • burn time approx 48 hours. 215g
  • eco-conscious hand-poured with soy wax
  • wildflower dust cover with every candle, simply remove + plant
  • reusable cotton hand stamped bag with every order


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