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lugna [lu-na]

ren [clean] wax melts

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fresh, clean and calm.

The ren [clean] candle features eucalyptus, orange zest, sea kelp and jasmine. 

Imagine the smell of fresh clean washing without the need to hang and fold the washing away, this is ren. Welcome in Spring with this scent and enjoy a feeling of clean.

Enjoy our ren [clean] scent in these nordic star wax melts. Small in size, but packed with the same strong scent throw as our candles. You will sure fill your house with the cosy scents of mysa. 

our wax melts

  • each wax melt is hand poured with sustainably sourced plant based soy wax
  • all our wax melts are biodegradable 
  • natural and free of dye our wax melts have the creamy colour of soy wax
  • ideal burn time with your melt burner is 4 hours
  • our wax melts can be reused until scent throw has fully evaporated
  • all our wax melts are then packed in our cotton reusable hand stamped bag
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