hem [home] wax melts

hem [home] wax melts

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Top notes of orange
Middle notes of rose, geranium, clove
Base notes of oudh, patchouli, guaiacwood, musk

inviting + comforting, just like home.

The hem [home] candle features rose, orange, oudh, clove + musk.

The hem [home] wax melts smell warming + inviting with top notes of subtle zesty orange, with fresh floral scents of rose + geranium with a hint of clove spice. The base notes bring the hem [home] wax melts all together with one of our favourite scents of oudh + musk. A woody, floral scent perfect for any time spent at home.

our wax melts

  • each wax melt is hand poured with sustainably sourced plant based soy wax
  • all our wax melts are biodegradable 
  • natural and free of dye our wax melts have the creamy colour of soy wax
  • ideal burn time with your melt burner is 4 hours
  • our wax melts can be reused until scent throw has fully evaporated
  • all our wax melts are then packed in our cotton reusable hand stamped bag

These are ideal Christmas gifts and stocking fillers or just for yourself.